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50 Cent Pays for Slain Girls Funeral, then Speaks Highly of Himself on Facebook

Making quite the noble gesture, the rapper 50 Cent agreed to pay the funeral expenses for a young girl who was shot this month.   Asia Robinson died too young and the community has rallied around the tragic shooting.

Robinson, 14, was killed in Southside Jamaica, Queens when someone shot nine rounds into a bus that the girl was riding home.   She was leaving a friend’s birthday party at the time, and the senseless tragedy has been a reminder of the toll that gun violence is taking on African American communities.

One of the bullets hit the girl in the temple and she was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.  A teen, Nathaniel Parker, was questioned and then released with no charges being filed.  Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly believes the shooting was gang related.

 ”The 14-year-old girl had nothing to with this,” Kelly said. “It’s a terrible tragedy, but it’s indicative of the fact that we just have too many guns and too many young people with access to these guns.”
50 Cent made a nice effort in paying the girl’s expenses, but he may have harmed his PR brownie points by seeming to use the effort as a way to bolster his public image.  In his remarks on Facebook, 50 Cent began by speaking about himself and bragging about how down-to-earth he is.  But honestly, it’s tough to say that you’re down-to-earth when you have to brag about your own humility.
‘People always try and paint negative images about me. I’m the most genuine down to earth person and I didn’t forget where I came from. I came through for baby girl by providing a horse and carriage for her. She was pretty, innocent and didn’t deserve to die like that R.I.P D’Asia Robinson.’
12 Responses to 50 Cent Pays for Slain Girls Funeral, then Speaks Highly of Himself on Facebook
Thank you 50 for helping this family in this tragedy blessing to you. And more celebrities should help their communities.instead of forgetting where they come from.there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you said that’s even if you said it at all. Media is the down fall of our young generation. Thanks a million times.
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