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LOBATAN: Mary J. Blige’s Husband Goes Off on Twitter about His Wife’s Financial Problems

Mary J. Blige appears to be having some strange financial problems.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, since Mary has sold millions of records and is considered one of the the hottest R&B artists on earth.  But her situation shows that money can always run out, and the bigger your bank account, the bigger your problems can become.
People on the web are wondering if her husband Kendu Isaacs has anything to do with his wife’s financial problems, at least that’s the angle that some people are taking.  Her husband is involved in her business affairs in an intricate way, so it’s hard to say that he doesn’t have some responsibility.  But to put it all on his back and not on Mary’s would be like giving Bobby Brown all the blame for Whitney Houston’s drug abuse.
One of Mary’s fans went in on Kendu about the money situation, leading him to go into a Twitter tirade, showing his frustration that people are talking about things that they know nothing about.  Kendu says that he and his wife are fine and that people need to leave the two alone.


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