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Why Kanye West’s ‘New Slaves’ Marketing Ploy Has Texans Annoyed

anye West’s latest release “New Slaves” has a lot of hip-hop heads buzzing since it hearkens  back to the tradition of socially conscious rap music. With hip-hop awash with materialism, West’s new single signals a change in direction for some who feel the genre is long overdue for a makeover. But Texas bureaucrats weren’t happy with Yeezy’s attempt to promote his new song by projecting the music video onto The Alamo for fans to watch on Sunday.
In so far as marketing ploys go, it was a decent attempt, but West’s plan certainly didn’t go off as planned. As a matter of fact, it didn’t go off at all.
After West tweeted about the screening to over nine million of his followers, hundreds of people huddled at The Alamo for the screening. However, Texas officials had no idea, so there was no paperwork officially sanctioning the event. And since no permit means no projection, West’s planned promotional event was nixed.
“Disappointed fans headed home around midnight as the non-event progressed,” reported the New York Post.
Two other planned Yeezy screenings were also shut down in Houston by cops before even getting started, according to the Houston Chronicle.
So although Kanye West’s new single has people anticipating the album, his marketing campaign can’t seem to get off the ground.


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