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The bond between Psquare’s Lola Omotayo and Wizkid’s Tani Omotayo

Have you ever wondered if there is a relationship between Peter Okoye’s babymama, Lola Omotayo and Wizkid’s sweet girlfriend, Tani Omotayo – sisters?!
Apart from the fact that they look so alike (same eyes, smile and complexion) – sisters look alike right? – they both come from a very wealthy family and they are both half-castes….

Findings reveal that Tani Omotayo (Teller) who graduated a few months ago from one of the universities in US is half Nigerian just like Lola Omotayo whose dad is a Nigerian while mum a Russian and yes Lola also studied in America.
Reports have it that Tani’s dad loves her to a fault and likewise Lola’s.
If they are sisters then wow, Peter Okoye of Psquare and Wizkid will end up being in-laws…two daughters dating two celebrities, their dad must be so proud of them!

You will recall that when Peter Okoye celebrated Cameron’s 3rd year birthday, Wizkid was one of the attendees….#FamilyThingz

Oh by the way, Tani has a big crush on Ice Prince Zamani, she calls him her “Imaginary Husband”….#Okbye!


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