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See What AIDS did To This Sweet Girl, AIDS is real [PHOTO]

This spoilt my entire day..such a sad story so i decided to share it with you guys…When she was in form 3, she met a student-teacher from Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya who lured her into a relationship. The teacher was on a teaching practice at her school but he had not yet graduated from university. Their relationship flourished and they went on to have unprotected sex.
Later, the teacher returned to the university and she resorted to visiting him there. They continued making love in the university. Unknown to her, the student teacher was HIV+ and he infected her.

When she graduated from high school, she joined the university and it is on this time that she discovered that she was HIV+. She enquired about the whereabouts of her former boyfriend and that the time she learnt from his sister that he had died of HIV. She was in pain that she has lost her future. It is at this time that she decided to go on a HIV spreading spree at Moi University claiming that it is there where she got it and in the same place, she will leave it!
In the process, she managed to spread the virus to about 120 male students in her first semester. She slept with 124 students but only 4 used a condom. She later released a list of the infected student’s names and their admission numbers.
Look at her photo before and after death… shocking
AIDS is real and it kills….BEWARE!!!!!..it can roast you like meat!!!!!


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