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n an absolutely shocking story, an 11-year-old New Zealand boy became a father after conceiving a child with the 36-year-old mother of one of his classmates. 

It’s such an unbelievable and awful scenario that I can barely process it.

The woman, who remains unidentified for legal reasons, allegedly pressured the then 11-year-old student into repeated sexual encounters over a period of time before becoming pregnant. The disturbing affair was discovered after the boy, who is now 12, approached his principal to confess the truth and seek help putting a stop to the liaisons.

Child Youth and Family services apparently took custody of their baby two months ago. Though the woman now faces criminal charges, she is reportedly still denying that there was any sexual contact between them. The worst part? She won’t be charged with rape. Under New Zealand law, rape is only applicable when males forces sex. Females who force unwilling partners to made loveual relations are charged with sexual violation. Can you believe that?!

The whole story is too disgusting for words. This evil woman forced this little kid into having sex with her, gave birth to his baby and is now denying it ever happened? I don’t know how anyone can exploit a child like that, especially when they themselves are a mother to a kid of the same age! It’s beyond horrifying…and it’s even worse knowing that the law prevents her from getting the charge she really deserves. The truth is, rape is rape whether it happens at the hands of a man or a woman.

My heart breaks for this little boy, who now has a child despite the fact that he’s just a baby himself. In fact, some reports say that if his age is confirmed, he will be the youngest known father in New Zealand…and it’s all because this woman took advantage of a child and forced him to grow up too fast.

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