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Here are 4 ways to reduce the black colour of your armpit.

1. Use Of Alum Powder And Lime
Alum powder containing aluminum sulfate is used to remove dark colour of the underarm. Because of irritation, combine alum and lime, then rub it on your armpits after a shower.
Do not forget to rinse until clean. Beside rich in vitamin C, lemon juice can work to control sweating and regenerate the skin.
2. Yam
Fresh yam is used to the make the skin white, little wonder that many beauticians that produce products, such as beauty soap and moisturizer use yam as the base material. Grate fresh yam, apply on under arms, Let it stand about 2 minutes. For maximum results, do regularly. If you’re too lazy to
make the material, you can buy yam mask and apply on your under arms and rinse thoroughly

3. Waxing
Instead of shaving, you can use the waxing to remove hair on the armpits. Waxing can eliminate dead skin around the under arms and can also clean the surrounding skin.
4. Doctors Treatment
If you tried the three ways above and you do have not successful results, you can consult your doctor.
Normally, the dermatologist will find out what caused your dark armpits and provide a solution how to handle it effectively.
Usually treatment is often done by a dermatologist and they address the issue by peeling or stripping dark under arms. This stripping is done by removing the outer layer
of skin of the armpit, and you will be given a kind of ointment, which you would apply every night before bed

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