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Mercy Johnson Reply Tonto Dikeh’s Twitter Diss

Yesterday, controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh verbally attacked another actress, Mercy Johnson on twitter. Read story HERE

At first the actress cum singer, Tonto tweeted ‘Nollywood Bridez marry horribly**#SHEBA#…Wen n if I give birth,God plz provide mii wit a husband dat can provide 4uz,Not 1 dat wld send mii bck to actin 2monthz after I born 2Huzzle’

Many who believed the tweet was referring to Mercy Johnson engaged Tonto in a twitter war – and then Tonto dropped the bigger shell as she tweeted again, ‘Every1 who comes to ma tl to Rant Abt ur FOOL MJ is a bigger baztard Dan SHE is coz I never cald no Bitch’z Name**F*ck U**

Like that wasn’t hurtful enough, she takes a very direct shot at Mercy Johnson,“Bitch Lozt her Name,U gonno Uze mii az A come back???Naaahhhhh go Nurze Ur Witch Bitch** #StayBlessed”
Well, Mercy Johnson has indirectly replied her also via twitter.

The nursing mother some minutes ago tweeted:

“Good morning sweets,hope y’all good?Off to work.Mama Purity loves y’all loads.have ablessed day filled with love”

The‘off to work‘ in the tweet is obviously a diss – that is -proving to Tonto Dikeh that she doesn’t give a damn about what she (Tonto) thinks, plus she loves her work!
Go Mercy….

See her tweet below :

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One comment on “Mercy Johnson Reply Tonto Dikeh’s Twitter Diss

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