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At the beginning of this week, a track by Vector surfaced online in which some bars( ‘…talking about the nine but his mode ain’t right….‘) seemed directed at rap veteran Modenine.

An uproar ensured from all quarters, as the beef seemingly appeared out of thin air. Prior to the track’s release, there hadn’t been indications of any sort of tension between the two rappers.

Modenine immediately tweeted and dispelled all beef talks: ‘i’m good with Vector. #letitgo’

Hip Hop World made some investigations into the matter, as to when the song was recorded and why/how it was released. A source from Vector’s camp revealed exclusively to us that the track was leaked by YSG in a bid to disorganize Vector, the same way they had him arrested by the Police.

The YSG rep we contacted declined to comment, stating that “in due time, we will have a press conference to address all allegations and set the records straight”. When asked if and why they had the police arrest Vector, he simply said, “Chief, no comments….wait for the press conference…we are not hiding anything”.

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