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#ChildNotBride: Movie Trailer for Stephanie Okereke’s upcoming movie ‘DRY’ [DOWNLOAD]

Several Nigerian celebrities have used various means to protest against child marriage. Some released statements through blogs, some through short videos on Youtube, others mostly via the social networks. Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke-Linus has collaborated with a lot of acts in the Nigerian film industry to shoot a movie themed against the underage marriage act.

She released an interesting trailer of her upcoming movie, ‘Dry’ starring veteran actress, Liz Benson among others.

Stephanie wrote on her blog: “At this critical juncture, I am now compelled to release the unofficial (raw footage) videos of my upcoming movie, ‘DRY’ to galvanize support from Nigerians and the International community for the revocation of the Senate resolution.

“Nigerians! It’s time to lend your voices and share your thoughts. We need to protect the girl child from incessant abuse.”


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