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[PHOTO] Anaconda Snake Swallowed A Female Youth Corper While She Was Taking Her Bath Inside The Bush

According to gistplanet
Could this be Real/True?
According to one of our readers on gistplanet.com.

He sent in this pic with the caption”Help! I couldn’t save her because i’m scared”.

He has refused to tell us the location of this scene either but the reports he gave to gistplanet.com has it
“She was a lady i admired a lot since she arrived our village for her NYSC and i always peep whenever she’s taking her bath”.
On this tragic day, I’ve planned to record theshower scene so as to use it to have my way by threatening her that i’ll show it to all the villagers and also post it on social networks, she bent down to pick up her sponge and that was the last thing i witness before i ran for my life.

I didn’t know how to call the village hunters to her rescue because of the bad Intentions i had in mind

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