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Winners Chapel Bible School Rejected Prophet Ajanaku before his death

Prophet Ireti Ajanaku’s who died in his sleep has been getting a lot of media attention, from the tale of his resurrection to the tale of his belonging to a cult. In his last interview before his death, he revealed that he was rejected by the Winners Chapel Bible school, when he enrolled.
This is what he said:
“I actually tried to enrol, I went to Winners Chapel Bible School, myself and my wife some years ago. I told my wife she must not act like a pastor’s wife, I removed the clergy sticker on my car, we just put Mr. and Mrs. Ajanaku on all our documents like an ordinary people in bible school. All of a sudden, the first thing the lecturer said that day the moment he mounted the podium was that; ‘Mr. and Mrs. Ajanaku, your attention is needed in the office,’ when we got there, they told me that Papa called them that they should tell me that my work is not under them.

“I said they should call Papa back that anybody can come to the Bible school, that why should they reject people, that anybody, even a bricklayer or mechanic, who has interest in the scripture can come, why should they say my work is not under them. I told them to tell him that I will not leave and I must sit for the lecture and understand the scripture more, why should they reject me. I said they should tell him that ‘am going nowhere, I will not leave.

The workers also told me that their hands were tied and that they couldn’t do anything about it. I said I won’t give them their document in my possession,
that if they liked they could return my money.

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