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Brother Africa Organizers Made Over N7Billion This Year

It Kicked off on Sunday, May 26, 2013 and ended on Sunday, August 25, 2013. 

The Breakdown 
– The Big Brother House (N10Million Spent) 

– Feeding (Feeding 28housemates for 3 months – 
N10Million Spent) 

– Make-Up Artiste and Toiletries (N5Million Spent) 

– Performing Artistes (Nigerian Artiste) (N40Million Spent) 

– The Crew [50Members] – (N50Million) 

– Advertisement and Promo [Television, Radio, Billboards, Print Media, Posters] – 
(N200Million Spent) 

– HOST – I.K Osakioduwa (N10Million) 

– Cash Prize – All of the USD300,000 – Dilish 
Matthew (N45Million) 

– Traveling Expenses – (N5Million Spent) 

– How Much They Raked In – (Airtel Charged 
N100/ SMS – Over 5Million People Voted Per Week for their Favorite housemates – 13 Weeks/91Days 

– Over N7Billion MAde (Minus SMS By Regular Fans. 

follow Us on twitter @AmeboShrine @i_smellsuccess
bbm pin:2736B0B3

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