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8 Ways To Know A Girl Is In Love With You

It is not only guys that admires ladies. Ladies do too. Though most of these tips could be done by a normal girlfriend of yours,so you need to be extra sensitive to know she in love with you. When a girl is in love with a guy,there are some likely signs that proves it.

1). She stares at you more often: There is a way she set her gaze at you that makes you read her mind. You will constantly catch her staring at you. She would always want to maintain a physical eye contact. Aside making contact, watch the way she plays with her hair or body in your presence. Sometimes she shows a shy face when you catch her starring.

2). She often wants to talk to you: people tend to share emotional issues with people they are close to. When a girl likes you, she will constantly want to share her heart with you. She would make you a friend of her heart. She confides in you more and expect you to listen and advise her. Even when you call her phone, she would gladly pick up with joy and you will feel it in her voice that she is happy to talk to you. Even when you don’t call her,she will constantly call you to ask everything about your day.

3). She would be extra nice with you: Girls get very pissed off with guys who constantly disturb them but if she is free with you no matter what you does,it means she is having some extra feelings for you. She would be willing to help you with things. She could even buy you gift items (Small or Big). She will always want you to be happy.

4).The way she smiles at you: A girl has a way of passing her bodily information in the way she smiles at times. She would wink and smile at you when you say something funny or not. She is always trying to put you in a good mood. Sometimes she tries flirting with you.

5). She guards you jealously: When a girl notice another girl liking you and always wanting to be around you, she would show some signs of jealousy and will always want to distract your attention from her. She either does it cautiously or openly but you will notice in her body language.
Always notice her while you are around other girls.

6). She would always to go out with you: She could arrange a date with you occasionally or would always be happy to go on a date you invited her to. When you ask for a stroll or lunch etc,she would be happy to go with you.

7). Watch out for the way her friends behave to you: If a girl really likes you and has communicated it with her friends. Its possible the friends would always smile in a different way when they see you both or when you come to see her.

8). She would always want to bump on you accidentally and apologize: Sometimes she just want to feel you or get your attention. This would happen unusually,you need to notice how it happens and read her mind there.
If you think she has been showing some signs,you can confirm it by approaching her that you like he and hear her response. She may accept your proposal first or pretend on the first note. You would know the truth at the end of the day.

Note: A girl can do all this with a friend she likes as a guy but there is a little difference in how she does them so its left for you to know it.

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