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Nollywood Actor Impregnates House Maid

The latest one that just emanated from
there concerns one top actor, producer and director. From a popular family, the collapse of his marriage really, really affected him.

Besides taking to alcohol and drugs to
suppress his sorrows, he also started
jumping from one woman to another. Good looking and physically fit, these daughters of eve are regularly exiting and entering his life.

But amidst all that however, he still got his Calabar maid pregnant. The scandal was so much that a colleague who had become his live in lover then had to pack out of his home in shame.

Even the actor’s mother was so devastated by the sad news that she never recovered from the shock. A father of three from different women, the actor is fair complexioned and resides in surulere, Lagos.

Alphabets AFM begin his names and
surname. Fun loving and always grooving, he doesn’t even seem perturbed by the gravity of what he has done. Rather he’s still carrying on as if he never did anything wrong.

The poor housegirl? Well, nobody can say for now what will become of her and her unborn baby. But that will be if she decides to carry the pregnancy to the end. Meanwhile, the story is now the talk of the town in Nollywood and even outside of it dancing on the lips of all those who have heard about it

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