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A Must Read!!! 5 Signs To Know If He Trully Loves You

Women have constantly been accused of being insecure. Well I would say in a world where we have more women than men, its only safe to want to be extra sure if your man is not meddling and sowing his ‘wild oats’ right under your nose!
I have researched this and trust me, a great knowledge will I share. So, Ladies, here are some tips on how to know your man truly loves you.

#1 THE CHEMISTRY: In every loved up relationship, this is inevitable! That feeling so difficult to explain! The blushing, butterflies in your tummy, goose bumps and that tingling feeling whenever you are around him. You need to find out if this chemistry is MUTUAL! With this out of the way, you are ready for the next big thing.

#2 ATTENTION: How much attention does your man give you? When a man loves you, he wants to spend time with you. He calls you up, plans dates and hangouts. You are always on his mind.

#3 PRIORITY: You become his top priority. He is able to fix you in all or almost all his plans. Most men are addicted to certain things. For instance sports or computer games, Your man truly truly loves you if you come first before his favourite team’s match. #NB: Please ladies I’m not saying you should make yourself a pest when he is at his game o! Learn to be selfless.

#4 STARES: This part might seem crazy but trust me its true. Men get carried away by what they see. Ladies, try catching your man unawares. Probably at a party or anywhere with lots of people. If you are lucky, you’d find him staring at you. Don’t feel dejected if he doesn’t!

#5 PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: Listen to the twist of his conversation about the future. You’d find him fixing you in permanent roles in his plans.
Finally,when the feeling of love is mutual in a relationship, its heaven! You might not find your idea of a man in love in this article, feel free to get back to me with your ideas

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One comment on “A Must Read!!! 5 Signs To Know If He Trully Loves You

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