32 Year Old Man Arrested For Raping Baby

A man has been accused of raping a child that is less than a year old.
32-year-old Austin Gulledge was charged on Tuesday with aggravated rape of the baby. He was reportedly already in jail when he was served the warrant. He was previously arrested for manufacturing and distributing child pornography.
It was revealed that if convicted of the crime Gulledge could be punished harshly. Under Louisiana law, raping someone under 13 years old carries a death sentence, or life imprisonment with hard labor and without the possibility of parole.

According to reports, he was convicted of the previous crime when police and officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigations searched Gulledge’s house after receiving a tip that he had child pornography. Officers seized more than 200 photos and 20 videos depicting child pornography from Gulledge’s home, and said they were able to discover that he was also making at least some of it himself.

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