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His real names are Tunji Balogun, but his buddies call him Teebilz. In all sincerity, I have so much about him, his abnormalities and irregular behaviours which brings to question his sanity level. However, the latest of it was his tweet yesterday that has raised so much eyebrows than normal…
Teebilz actually confessed to experiencing a sleepless nights all because he sees dead people…As it is, all arrows seem to be pointing to the fact that this guy needs to visit a Psychiatrist…he actually needs rehabilitation. Yours truly was informed that Teebilz got involved in an accident a few years ago in the UK where he used to reside. The accident actually left a deep cut on one part of his head which has now formed permanent scar.

Those who know him well claim that ever since the accident Teebilz has never remained the same, as sometimes he reacts in an awkwardly disturbing manner…hm! I cant help but say ‘May God deliver Tiwa Savage’… And for those close to him, PLEASE HELP! Teebilz sees Dead People and can’t sleep…before things goes out of hand. As you may know, Tiwa Savage is not at home at the moment to probabl come to his aid…She has gone shopping for their forthcoming wedding which will hold in November.


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