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D’Prince Talks on Don Jazzy And Wande Coal’s Break up

Charles Enebeli, also known as D’Prince, who was recently signed on as MTN brand ambassador and whose track, Booty Bag, has been enjoying airplay on radio, speaks with Tribune,  on  Wande Coal and Don Jazzy’s break-up with Mavin Record and other issues.

You were in Ibadan recently for the MTN Loud Naija event, what was it like, seeing a lot of people turning out to watch you and other musicians’ perform?

Honestly, the feeling was
great. I have been to Ibadan a couple of times, but this last show was something special. What thrilled me most that night was the fact that we had a lot of young and old people showing us love. The impression we had was that Ibadan people don’t go out at night, that they always retire to bed early. So, when I was about to perform and I saw the huge crowd, I said to myself that I better give these people the best of my performance. I am happy that they really had fun because I did too.

What memory of your experience in Ibadan did you take back to Lagos?

Ibadan is like our second home after Lagos. The fact is that you will always have something to say about anywhere you visit around the world. But as I said, I always love coming to Ibadan. The love you get from these wonderful people will always make you want to go back to that city. The after-party was another unforgettable night of fun. I really had fun. Ibadan is fast becoming another big place like Lagos. I am happy that after Lagos, there is another big place where people appreciate good music and will stop at nothing to make sure they have fun to the full.

You are a member of Mavin group. How do you feel about the goings-on in the group?

Mavin is not just my label, it is my family. It is my home and I am happy with it. I am enjoying my contract because I am working with a great set of people who share the same vision with me about my career. So, everybody is working to take the label to an enviable height and I know God is in control of our affairs. From the boss to the least person on the label, we all work together as one big family. We always make sure we produce good music that people will always say good things about. You must have noticed that we know how to do it, that’s why everybody appreciates anything that comes out of that label. What matters in life is how happy you are with what you are doing and who you are working with. For me, I am very happy and satisfied with what I am doing under Mavin records.

Are you happy with the way things are going, considering the fact it was formed after the break up of Mo’hits?

There is nothing special about it. You heard in the news just like I did. It is one of those things that happen with any successful record label. It is not peculiar to Mavin. Mavin remains stronger than before. Everybody is working and we are moving ahead. That somebody left or that somebody may leave tomorrow, does not mean we should all stand down and look. This is one big happy family; whatever happens, we have to stick together so that we can fashion out the way forward; not to dwell on what happened in the past. That will only take us back.

What does this unfortunate development portend for Mavin as a group?

You know this is like a business and you can’t always foresee what might happen to you or your partner. You won’t even know where your relationship is heading to until it ends one day. But at the end of the day, you just have to give thanks to God for the gift of life because that’s what matters to me. As long as I have my life, I can always find my way through whatever challenge that comes my way. You can’t run away from things like this, but your ability to deal with it is the most important thing. You will agree with me that at the end of the day, you have got only your life to look after. I f you lose it, you are finished. I just thank God for my life, that’s all I can say.

You have suffered two break-ups in less than three years. If you look at the two scenarios, do you see any connection?

Why are you linking two different things together? But back to your question, as I said, I can’t really explain how it happened. If I tell you I could, I won’t be telling you the truth. In order not to confuse our audience, especially those who love us for what we have been able to prove over the years, I will say it was a big shock to me as it was to you people. I felt the way you might have felt when you heard about it. What I want people to do is to pray for us that God should guide us. Without His guide, we can’t do anything successfully.

What lesson have you learnt from it personally and don’t you think this may affect you in one way or the other?

One thing I want to bring out of this is that nobody knows tomorrow. So, whatever you do today, just do it very well. This development is a shock to all of us because Wande Coal is like our brother. Basically, we will keep the flag flying. No hard feelings and no bad blood. Like I said, we are all brothers. We will definitely find a way to get things sorted out.

Will this not affect your relationship with Wande Coal?

I don’t see it that way. Wande is my brother. We see each other at least every other day. I have no problem with Wande. The relationship remains as cordial as before. If you know the kind of relationship that exists between us, I am sure you won’t be saying this. That he decided to leave does not mean it will affect our relationship; it won’t. Break-up or no break-up, you have to be thankful to God for the good life He has blessed you with. Whether we like it or not, we remain one big family. From D’Banj to Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, me, Dr Sid and Tiwa Savage, I want our fans to continue to pray for us. It will mean a lot to the group right now.

Is there any difference between the defunct Mo’hits and the current Mavin group?

When you hear Mavin, you hear Mo’hits because this is something that has been on for a long time. We didn’t just start yesterday. People love us because they know we will give them positive music as we have been churning it out since day one. My last album is barely a year old and you can see how far it has gone.

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