8 Top reasons why men cheat

inShare There are reasons galore why men pull wool over the eyes of their wives. Oftentimes, it’s out of spite and neglect, while the other times, it’s because they feel they will never be caught. What makes men cheat? Dr Kamal Khurana, relationship counselor, dug through past research on male infidelity, and has even counseled […]

Tips On How To Be A Lady by Karen Igho

Winner of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show 2011 edition, actress and outspoken character, Karen Igho, decided to dish out advice to the female folk on how to be lady. She took to twitter to share these lovely tips which she titles, ‘How To Be A Lady 101 With Karen Igho’.

How To Tell When A Woman Just Had Sex

Did you know that just by walking down the street, or across the office, people may be able to figure out that you’ve gotten laid? Because having a vaginal orgasm does more than just put a little pep in your step. It actually causes you to walk differently, with a longer stride and a greater […]

How To Get A Woman To Sleep With You

Wanting her in your béd doesn’t have to wait until you two have serious relationship. Whenever she’s ready, that’s the most appropriate time to make it happen. The key to understanding how to get women into béd lays in your ability to notice and decode her body language. Know that all women are different; a woman’s […]

More Tips On How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Be Affectionate: There are various ways to show your affection, some are more obvious than others and the way you approach this will depend on how openly affectionate you like to be personally. Affection is close to but not the same as intimacy Affection is about openly displaying that you care about this person and […]

A Must Read!! How To Know A Nigerian ‘Runs Girl’

Stumbled on this funny stuff online and decided to share. 1. She changes phones and gadgets like clothes. And always among the first to use the latest. 2. She is never at home at night, u can hardly find her home at night. 3. She travels a lot. Yesterday, Onitsha, Today abuja, tomorrow Asaba. 4. […]